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Hi guys! Thanks so much for checking out ThriftyAlicia. I grew up watching and helping my dad and grandpa with their liquidation business my whole life, so I followed in their footsteps and started reselling my own clothes my sophomore year of college for fun on Poshmark. I've come to love shopping even more, so now I thrift almost daily for clothes to resell. It was the perfect second (or third, in my case) job for a college student!

It's now been three years, and I've since started selling on Vinted, Mercari and Instagram as well. Unfortunately, Instagram comes with its own set of problems now so I had to create a new solution... hence the website! For questions or comments, I can be reached on Poshmark, Facebook and Instagram at @ThriftyAlicia. Don't forget to spread the word!

Thank you for browsing :)


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